Campus SaVE

By Courtney Condit, Break the Cycle

As a recent college graduate, my college experience is still fresh in my mind. Unfortunately, that experience includes a sexual assault two days before my graduation.

I had never come face to face with my college’s policies and procedures surrounding sexual assault reporting until that day, and was very anxious and confused about what was about to happen.

Luckily, my college’s response to sexual assault was compassionate, transparent, and helpful.

Unfortunately, I know that many individuals on other campuses are not as privileged.

They don’t have an advocate with them through every step of what can be a confusing and traumatic process of filing a report or pursuing charges. They don’t have faculty and staff that are willing to adjust their schedule and living arrangements, or respect their no-contact order so that they don’t have to relive the trauma or endure harassment.

Campus SaVE is a beacon of hope for students whose college or universities may not have the best policies in place to respond to sexual violence. It will reduce the fear of reporting that many assaulted students face due to the threat of subsequent trauma from a university that doesn’t help or believe them. Campus SaVE will also ensure that no high school senior combing through college brochures has to weigh a university’s sexual assault policy in their decision.

The provisions set out by Campus SaVE are not incredibly revolutionary; they simply reflect the morality and human decency of protecting survivors of sexual trauma. They help real people like me.

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